The following email was sent to Surrey Heath Borough Council on 10/03/2017:

Dear SHBC,

This email has to do with display of highway signage - kindly route to the appropriate team concerned. Thank you.

As a resident of Frimley now for two years, I find it astonishing that my council is not keen whatsoever to maintain highway signage to the level it is clear, clean and presentable to highway users.

I expressly refer to the sign on the Portsmouth Road (A325) opposite and across the road from Frimley Park Hospital. I attach with this email a photo taken in early 2016 – which is also available to view online here: This sign today is actually more un-presentable and in a dirtier condition than in the photo.

I can only assume that 1,000s of vehicles pass the sign every day in just one direction, and most mornings at a snail pace so not to miss a bizarre green sign. I ought to have taken a recent photo as now not only are the sign’s directions almost very nearly unseen as nature’s elements continue to camouflage it into obscurity, but when spotted by drivers passing through then surely it serves as an embarrassment to Frimley, it’s residents, the hospital, as well as its council of course.

I had lived in Slough for most part of my life and have not seen anything like this, and did not imagine I would be criticising this relatively smaller council for not maintaining one of its signage located in arguably the most popular part of Frimley as far as traffic signs are concerned. Amongst neighbours it is a running joke that the sign read ‘Frimley Green’ - with the latter part of that name serving as a part noun as well as part adjective.

I think I have laboured my point sufficiently. Can you please restore the sign to its former glory and make us proud Frimley residents again.

Thank you

Resident of Wilders Close, Frimley

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