In recent weeks, a number drive way, patio and path construction companies, have been targeting the Frimley area. These companies are often not local and are based 'out of the area'. Companies will drop a card through the letterbox and callers may present a 'glossy catalogue' exhibiting their services and 'stock photos' of work they offer. The catalogue is often produced by a third party company which supplies it to a network of similar drive way companies - of which some can be recent start-ups or inexperienced franchises. Recent experiences by some residents in the area have suggested sales tactics appear to be 'brash', and in some instances bordering 'aggressive' or 'rude'. It should be noted not all cold calling companies conduct themselves in this way, and most tend to be polite and quietly move on when no interest is shown.

Whereas there is nothing at present stopping these businessed from offering their services in this unsolicited manner, residents can take steps to prevent such cold callers - especially if they feel it poses a risk to their safety. Wilders Close is not part of a 'No Cold Calling Zone' which is a zone primarily designed to reduce instances of doorstep crime and distraction burglary and therefore the primary purpose is to prevent rogue traders, as well as stopping any unwanted cold callers by empowering residents to have confidence to deter callers away who they do not wish to deal with.

Residents concerned with cold calling can visit the Surrey County Council web site to read its frequently asked questions about the topic and find out how to order a 'sticker pack' to deter cold callers at the following web site: Surrey County Council - Stop Cold Callers 

If you are looking for a reputable company to do work on your property, it is recommended you check their customer service feedback and reviews on the Checkatrade web site below.


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