URGENT: Need residents help to sign an e-petition then spread the word

This post concerns the crossing outside The Grove Primary School on Portsmouth Road.

Calling all residents and Parkside neighbours – please can you read this news article on Get Surrey and kindly support parents and neighbours who are urging the council to install a crossing in Portsmouth Road by The Grove Primary School by signing this e-petition which closes on 15th November.

So far the response has been underwhelming and mainly through the social channels. Please can you spread the word by mouth and ask your friends and neighbours in the area (even if they do not live in the immediate area) to sign the e-petition as soon as possible. If you are able to, please notify a neighbour by knocking on their door or mention it when passing by. To parents of children attending the school – please tell other parents (regradless of whether or not their children use the crossing). There is not long to go and there is no reason why concerned motorists, grandparents and relatives cannot sign the petition either. Now is the time to act.

This is a MAJOR safety concern and without the necessary controls in place, it will not be long before someone is seriously hurt or a fatality occurs. Please support the community and sign this e-petition soon so the council, police and nearby school take note of the frequent high speeding in the 30 and 40 mph speed zone of the Portsmouth Road (as well as the numerous accidents that have occurred in the past, including a recent one involving a school girl), and take sensible action to ensure the safety of all pedestrians and motorists.

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Thank you.

WildesClose.UK Administrator


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